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The Time is Now

Recognize the Power of One

Most of us have heard about climate change. Although some continue to deny it, most political leaders recognize the significance of this problem and have put forth policy that intends to combat it. This type of action is positive and should be encouraged, adopted, and continued.

The final step in accelerating the world’s transition to sustainability lies in your hands. Your everyday decisions have a measurable impact on the world. It’s time to recognize the power you have. Ask yourself what simple changes you can make in your life to reduce your ecological footprint. Not only do you owe it to future generations, you owe it to yourself.

Please watch the following video and explore this website to see just how significant your impact on the world can be.

Still not convinced?

Skepticism is healthy. Visit The Math page of this website for proof that all claims made in the video are based on statistics attained from credible sources, and for further evidence suggesting just how powerful the role of the consumer is in promoting sustainability. Also, check out the What You Can Do page to see examples of simple behavioural changes you can make in your everyday life to reduce your ecological footprint and save money.